myPNRstatus is a free online SMS alert service to minimize the worries of Indian Railway Travellers by eliminating the need for them to go online again and again in order to get the information about their PNR status or Delay in Train Timings.

Usually, when we book a Train Ticket and donot get a confirmed ticket, we have to go online to check our PNR status. myPNRstatus will reverse the process - Instead of YOU going online to check your PNR status, WE will periodically check it on your behalf and in turn SMS you whenever there is a change in the status. Sounds peace isn't it :)

Ah , but when you have a confirmed ticket, you still need to go online and find the current Train timings. It is not uncommon to have your train delayed by more than an hour.

When you submit your PNR number and Mobile number with us ,we will keep you updated with your train timings and yes this is even when you have a confirmed ticket !!